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Safety Tips for the Winter Season

The seasons fly by so quickly it is hard to keep up with the necessary ways to keep safe under the uncertain conditions that comes with winter.  Here are some things to remember in preparing for the cold and rain.

  • For home safety, it is a good practice to repair handrails both inside your home and outside around your porches.
  • Having a handrail on both sides of a stairway and all the way to the end of the stairs is best, rather than on just one side.
  • Make sure your home is well lit inside and outside to help you and your guests avoid falling.
  • Have a multipurpose fire extinguisher in a handy and convenient location in both the kitchen and the garage, practice how to use it, and check to see if it is working once a year.
  • Keep dry and warm by wearing hats, gloves and non-skid shoes or boots.
  • To avoid injuries, ask for help and don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • Can your street address be seen from the street at night? Check to see if your address is well lit In the event emergency personnel need to find your home at night.

Gas stoves, lanterns, and fireplaces can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are some simple tips to help you be safe while keeping warm this winter.

  • Make sure you have an updated carbon monoxide detector.
  • Always use a glass or screen in front of a fireplace or wood burning stove.
  • Check your chimney flue every year to ensure your home has proper ventilation.
  • Don’t use extension cords with space heaters, and keep anything flammable away from heat sources.

Vehicle maintenance is especially important during the harsh winter months. Follow these tips to make sure your vehicle is safe and running smoothly.

  • Check your car’s battery to make sure it is fully charged.
  • Windshield wipers should be inspected to be certain of good visibility.
  • Check your car’s tire pressure, oil, and belts.
  • Make sure your radiator has antifreeze.
  • Fill any chips in your windshield – they can easily become cracks.
  • When you have to get out in the rain or snow, drive slowly and be cautious.

By following some of these safety tips, you can help prevent accidents and enjoy the holiday season.

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