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10 Ways to Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb

Written by Holly Jaynes

Life Enrichment Director of Courtside at Country Meadows

Many of us enjoy getting outside as much as possible. Just going for a walk on a nice day can lift your mood drastically! Hiking with a friend, playing a round of golf, or even taking a dip in the community pool are great ways to boost your mood and get you out of the house. But when the cold, slippery, wet weather comes, what can you do!? Luckily, in this day and age, we have many outlets for creativity and ways to get involved. Some are even lucky enough to have Activity Programs right at their fingertips! Here are 10 ways to keep yourself busy in the winter:

Get Social!

When you’re a part of a community, there’s many things you can do to get to know those around you. Need a suggestion? Enjoy a cup of coffee in a new location. Head down to a common area in your community, say hello to those that pass by, remember to smile, and see how it goes!

Explore the World of Hobbies!

It’s likely that you already have a hobby, (or a LOT of hobbies if you’re like me!) and winter is a great time to hone in on your skills. If your hobbies aren’t as thrilling as they used to be, try something new! Allowing yourself to learn new things, regardless of your age, is really one of the best gifts you can give yourself.


Exercising comes easily outdoors – sometimes you don’t even know you’re getting a workout when you’re out golfing or sight-seeing! Your body deserves to be taken care of in the winter as well. Get a work out tape to do in your room, do small exercises while you’re eating, watching T.V, or brushing your teeth! Set a goal to walk one (or more!) lap around the building each day. Make yourself proud, boost your mood, and reduce stress.


Dig up some old photos, get in touch with an old friend, listen to a favorite song. All of these things can bring about a wide variety of emotions; happiness, pride, joy, sadness, and more. It’s good for your heart to remember the good times and how much you’ve learned in your life!

Distract Yourself

If you’re bored and wishing you could get out, try to distract yourself from the monotony. Watch an old favorite movie or TV show, write a letter or a poem, pamper yourself, etc. If you are unhappy with what you’re doing – change it! Spontaneity is key when occupying your brain.

Play a Game

Invite a neighbor, your kids, anyone for a game. You can play a card game, a board game, or even charades! Nostalgia will get everyone talking. You know what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Give your Brain a Boost!

Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Memory Games, etc. are great for keeping your brain active. But why stop there? Read a book! Grab the dictionary off the shelf and learn a new word! Your brain and your memory will thank you later. Keep that brain active!

Comfort Food

I know we’re not actually hibernating for winter, so don’t take this one too far, but make yourself some warm hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. Sit by the fire and enjoy some cheese and crackers. Food has been proven to bring happiness, so don’t neglect your taste buds this winter! Just remember, everything in moderation.


Plan a dinner with a friend. Plan a much-deserving weekend getaway. Plan your meals for the next week. Getting organized gives us a feeling of accomplishment and eases our minds. When you have the time, get a jump on some things! Even if they are months away.

Write Thank You Notes

Think of some small favors someone has done for you recently. It would make their day to receive such an unexpected sentiment of your gratitude! Thank You Notes don’t require much time, but they showcase so much thoughtfulness. While you write them, you can imagine how happy they will make their recipients and feel so good!


Good Luck keeping busy this winter!

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